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3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Dilan Sankalpa
    DilanMay 2019

    Wide range of liquor local and imported comparatively low prices. They charge for bags without asking customers. Not a very big shop compared to other countries duty free shops. Staff is helpful. Cashier is little slow.

  • George Bistoquet
    GeorgeMay 2019

    I agree with the other reviews. The Seychelles Duty Free at the airport operated by STC staff is quite awful; the service is of very poor quality and often very slow; some tourists are calling it "being served at tortoise pace". Even the staff overall demeanor is quite off-putting if not revolting. They often act as if they do not wish to attend to the customers. This must be the worst Duty Free Shop in the whole of Africa. It's time for the Civil Aviation and the relevant Tourism authorities to be BOLD and to tender out the facilities so that the Duty Free shop can be operated by a more decent and more enthusiastic operator from the private sector please. These criticisms are meant to be constructive, and I provide a suggestion for possible improvement.

  • Michael Werner
    MichaelMay 2019

    Misleading pricing. at checkout one gets charged more than advertised. Staff does not act helpful in any way, but responds downright rude in a „I don’t give a damn what you think way“. horrible shopping experience

  • László Stefán
    LászlóMay 2019

    1L Takamaka 250Scr, which is cheaper than anywhere on the island or in Hungary in stores. Takamaka St. André, aged 8 years, is also available in 1L and 2x3dl wooden boxes, these are not usually found in Seychelles normal stores, I only saw them at the Takamaka factory. at the same price. The taste is truly outstanding compared to the normal dark offering, yes! Endemic and Levasseur, I've also met Seychelles rums just here.

  • João Tavares
    JoãoMay 2019

    Grande destaque para a bebidas e tabaco, poucos produtos nacionais e caros Existem mais duas lojss com melhor artesanato local o lounge do 1.ⁿ andar, cujo acesso é gratuito.

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