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3.8 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Pascal Castera
    PascalMay 2019

    Despite my misfortune last week I returned today on June 4th. The employee remembered me yes because I ordered her a hamburger with a hamburger 🍔😁😁 Frankly I did not go back for redress. It is quite simply that there is no better snack in the surroundings of Bettembourg, when there is a hamburger in the bread 👍 = more than 20 years that I have known this Snack So yes the employee gave me my hamburger today. So THANK YOU THANKS So I change the number of stars I put three, we will not put 5 in a row, we will progress little by little 😉 Lux Snack I wish you good sales And see you next time - - - Today I bought to go A peasant burger € 7.50 When I unwrapped it at home to eat it, there was no hamburger in the bread. Just raw vegetables and 3 thin slices of bacon. So I called to ask where the hamburger had gone, and the employee replied that in the peasant burger there was no hamburger. I answered him ok and therefore the price € 7.50 a hamburger without a hamburger you have to review the recipe or the price She told me I can't help it you have to see with my boss. If the employee serves all the hamburgers without the hamburger, Hallo but Hallo what. I think there is a prob you can't call a hamburger on a menu or there is no hamburger in it. But who is the BOSS of Lux Snack in Bettembourg? ? ? This story that just happened to me is not serious.

  • Watgen Ralph
    WatgenMay 2019

    In the past the fry vis à du Parc Merveilleux was a good place to eat a little something, but now from new staff, I was there twice for the first and last. The Grillinger's bread was half-baked, the onions in the cheeseburger had never seen a hotplate, the meat sat next to it was cold. Never again!!!

  • Daniela Cardoso
    DanielaMay 2019

    Very good place to eat a good hamburger 🍔 also kue the american I have already gone several times very friendly staff always with a smile I recommend this place

  • Sandro Haase
    SandroMay 2019

    Good cheap fast food. You can sit well in the shade. There is also ice cream.

  • Ali Karabulut
    AliMay 2019

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