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4.6 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • TX Shi
    TXMay 2019

    The room was very nice. The hotel is like a museum, full of antiques. All the staff were friendly, but sometimes it's difficult to communicate in English. I took a lot of effort to have my breakfast the first morning. Only reception and one of the waiters speak English. The check-out time made me very nervous, since it's written at 8:30am. Our flight is in the afternoon, so I struggled to get up early and was not convenient at all.

  • Catarina Sanches
    CatarinaMay 2019

    I've loved to stay in this place. Staff was very kind and efficient. I was there with my husband on our honeymoon for one night and they prepared our room with champagne and fruits! Also arranged a special romantic dinner in the garden for us. Very nice experience!

  • Ndumiso Mlangeni
    NdumisoMay 2019

    That place in West Africa i loved the staff and man that hotel is safe..very clean..

  • Peter Buckland Merrett
    PeterMay 2019

    Wonderful restoration by HBD. Smart rooms with superb views over the trees.

  • John Rawden
    JohnMay 2019

    My wife and I spent a week at Roca Sundy, and it was deeply disappointing. We had hoped for a calm and relaxing time. We got anything but. Our initial room in the Plantation House was a huge disappointment and not reflected at all in the hotel’s website photos. A nursery school abuts the building. This provided us with constant noise and overwhelming cooking smells from the kitchen serving it. This was augmented by loud noise, from early in the morning, from building works within the Plantation House. All this made it impossible to use our balcony. We had to ask to be moved from this room. Fortunately an alternative room was found for us in the Colonial House the next day. Unfortunately, this did not solve our woes. Roca Sundy has been open for less than a year. Despite this, it already has multiple maintenance issues. For example, the shutters in our room would not close properly. It was only possible to close ours by tying them together with string! The balcony areas look like building sites, the basin in our bathroom had 3 large cracks in it, which had simply been gummed together with some ugly adhesive. There were missing tap pieces in the bathroom, etc, etc. We had no running water in our room on two separate occasions. One of these was so extended that we had to resort to taking substitute showers by standing one-legged in a bucket and pouring bottled water over ourselves. Basic food hygiene is lacking. The breakfast buffet was uncovered and as result, the food was constantly covered in flies. This happened every day. Despite us drawing it to the attention of restaurant and management staff on several occasions, nothing was ever done to correct this fundamental failure. It is not good enough simply to say, as we were told, “yes, it’s a problem we have here and at Bom Bom”. Keeping food clean and covered is not rocket science; it is basic hotel practice. Yet it was beyond Roca Sundy to manage it. I’m not sure if it was this or other bad practices in the kitchen, but both my wife and I were very ill during our stay. My wife had sickness and diarrhoea for 36 hours, and I was unwell for the entire week. So bad was my case that I had to have medical treatment immediately upon my return to Europe. In summary, it was a bad experience, and an over-priced one. The rates charged do not anywhere near represent value for money. Upon our return home I wrote to the owners, outlining our experiences. The response was one of outright rejection, refusing to accept any aspect of my complaint. When I requested the contact details of senior management, in order to raise the issue with them, these were refused. This is not how a serious hotel behaves.

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