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  • Bryan
    BryanMay 2019

    Truly indeed just fruit and vegetables. The most honest name of a store I've ever seen and the most honest workers you will ever meet. I can't say enough about these fruits and vegetables they had here because there were honestly so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables I was left in awe and speechless. If I had to put it bluntly I'd say that one could compare this store to Dante's Inferno, a continuous downward spiraling gauntlet and hell of fruit and vegetables. The first floor is limbo, you really don't buy anything but constantly peruse and see others pick up and put back fruit and veggies. The second level is lust where souls are blown about trying to graps on to delicious fruits but never can. The 3rd is Gluttony, where fruit and veggies ever reproduce in front of their eyes as they're stuck in frozen salsa not being able to reach it. The 4th through 8th floors go from Avarice, Wrath, Heresy, Voilence to Fraud (fake fruit) finally to Treachery where betrayers throw apples and tomatoes at eachother while Judas sits in his high throne laughing..... Get the smoothies they are sooo good.

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