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  • TX Shi
    TXMay 2019

    That's how the office looks like.

    AJINKYAMay 2019

    Prince Albert National Park encompasses 3,874 square kilometres (1,496 sq mi) in central Saskatchewan, Canada and is located 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Saskatoon. Though declared a national park March 24, 1927, it had its official opening ceremonies on August 10, 1928 performed by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.[2] The park is open all year but the most visited period is from May to September. Although named for the city, the park's main entrance is actually 80 km (50 mi) north of Prince Albert via Highways 2 and 263 which enters the park at its southeast corner. Two additional secondary highways enter the park, No. 264, which branches off Hwy. 2 just east of the Waskesiu townsite, and No. 240, which enters the park from the south and links with 263 just outside the entry fee-collection gates. The park ranges in elevation from 488 m (1,601 ft)[citation needed] on the western side to 724 m (2,375 ft)[citation needed] on the eastern side. The hamlet Waskesiu Lake is the only settlement within the park, located on the southern shore of the same-named lake. Most facilities and services one would expect to find in a multi-use park are available. The park also contains the cabin of naturalist and conservationist Grey Owl,[citation needed] on Ajawaan Lake. The development of the park as a recreation destination has led to the region immediately southeast of the park boundaries – locations such as Christopher Lake, Emma Lake, Sunnyside Beach, and Anglin Lake, themselves becoming popular recreation destinations.

  • Ph T
    PhMay 2019

    Did not see Duncan

  • FreiAs
    FreiAsMay 2019

    And I live in Gomel in Belarus

  • Nádia Merinório
    NádiaMay 2019

    Um Local magnífico! Único! Foi dos melhores lugares que visitei até hoje ! Chovia torrencialmente, e passado minutos o sol brilhava. Os passaros começavam a cantar e o verde abundante fazia do lugar magia. A fauna abunda, os animais perdem se no meu olhar, o cheiro daquela terra até hoje está no meu nariz. A beleza deste tesouro tornou se no sentimento mais belo que dali trouxe. A saudade!

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