Eglise de Sainte Famille

Anse Boileau


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  • Alvynas Vidot
    AlvynasMay 2019

    Church in the district where i grew up. Nice quiet place one can go for prayer. Also has a calming view of rhe Anse Boileau beach and sunset.

  • Галина Волкова
    ГалинаMay 2019

    The temple is located on the highway West Coast Road, near Anse Bualo beach. The road branches off to the side, along the bridge, through a small Souvenir River, flowing into the ocean. A large cross with a crucifix on a stepped pedestal, will show you the right direction. The view itself is very picturesque : the bright red color of the temple on an elevation, the road along it, the bed of a small river, the ocean behind, a series of houses rising upward. The building of the church and the territory near it are in tidy condition, you can climb the stairs on foot, and drive up by car. The windows are laid out mosaic of with flowed. And a fragment in the form of a heart pierced by an arrow above the entrance, on the edge of the roof, looks very unusual.

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