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4.4 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Micbiad
    MicbiadMay 2019

    Great hotel where You can experience Seychelles hospitality. The best thing about the hotel is it’s welcoming, friendly and helpful stuff and the owner. Everyone is trying to make you feel great. The room was very clean and spacious with a big, glazed bathroom from where you could watch the ocean too. The food was good, the prices weren’t higher then in other restaurants in Seychelles. It has also nice beach. Totally recommend!

  • Yvonne Weenink
    YvonneMay 2019

    We stayed not in this hotel but nearby in a villa up the mountain. Our hosts told us that all the beaches where public and also the sunbeds on the beach. So the first day we came down from the mountain and found this hotel, it looks nice but a little bit outdated, but okay we friendly ask if we could drink something at the terras, that was no problem. There was a swimmingpool in front of the hotel for the hotelguests and at a small beach in front of the hotel. We saw some wooden sunbeds (outdated) and some soft sunbeds. So we drink something over there and went back to our villa. The next day we decided to go again over there and do some drinks and lunch at the hotel. When we entered the beach we saw some soft sunbeds free, so we installed ourself and where enjoying the beautiful sight, untill a guy from the hotel came and ask us to leave the soft sunbeds, he explain that the hotel was fully booked and these beds where for the hotel guests. He told us we could only use the hard wooden sunbeds. Okay, so we stapped away from our soft sunbeds, in the meantime no hotelguests where showing up...but okay. 2 days later we decided to go back again and brought our own sunbed pillows (because the wooden sunbeds where so hard). Again we lay down and enjoy the view, then suddenly a lady from the hotel asked us to leave because all the sunbeds where for the hotelguests and the hotel was fully booked! We never saw more then 6 people at the beach, but that beside. I told here that a guy from the hotel earlier had said that we could use the wooden sunbeds. This conversation became very rude and she asked us even if we are well educated to know what the rules are. What is this for manners? We are very well educated and respect the rules and the commons of this Island. We never go back to this place, there is no hospitality if you're not a hotelguest and it's a pity they could earn some money from us to eat and drink over there! So think carefully if you visit this hotel, when you're not a hotelguest!

  • Ifeomachukwu Nwosu
    IfeomachukwuMay 2019

    Good customer service. Nice and caring staff. Comfortable and well thought-out establishment.

  • valera ermakov
    valeraMay 2019

    Very good!

  • Роман Шемлей
    РоманMay 2019

    Best hotel

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