Крепость Амуль

Amul (X - XI), Turkmenabat


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  • Volodymyr Zaiets
    VolodymyrMay 2019

    This is a very interesting and very ruined fortress. I know there were gates and walls forty years ago.

  • Ольга Ниязова
    ОльгаMay 2019

    This is my homeland and native places. It is not necessary to destroy it, this is our history.

  • Мика Дикая
    МикаMay 2019

    At this time, this place is not allowed to visit. The reason is that excavations are underway. And at times people are kicked out.

  • Gold_Boy.23 Alisher
    Gold_Boy.23May 2019

    It's sooooo interesting at the fortress, I was there yesterday, and found not a few bones there, but it's a pity that there is a lot of garbage there, (Mika Dikaya), in truth, excavations were recently carried out there, I live nearby, I saw a very deep well there, only it is not closed at all, and children can fall there, but in general it is very interesting there, who wants to go there again, please write to me, let's go together, here is my number + (993) 64-54-06-81

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