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  • Douz Douz
    DouzMay 2019


  • rose de sable
    roseMay 2019

    A museum "Sahara Museum" the noun of traditional life and things

  • C Martin
    CMay 2019

    very small, not much to it

  • Neila Bejaoui
    NeilaMay 2019

    Beautiful deser. Sahara of Douz in the south of Tunisia. With its dunes and the ride on the camels iu the quades I saw it highly recommend. Come many ..

  • Amr Elmogy
    AmrMay 2019

    The Museum of the Desert was established in a shop in Andalusia, Tunisia's newest museum, founded in 1997. If its name suggests that it is dedicated to the Sahara, that infinite space and fascination, it is more accurate to reflect the flora, fauna and human life of the "desert" of the Sahara, confined between the great eastern race and the southern border of the Shatt al-Jarid in the Tunisian south-west. This choice is not coincidental because this area is the gateway to the south at all and the last home, to this day, nomadic nomads in Tunisia. From this point of view, this medium and its inhabitants are associated with the desert and belong to its mysterious culture and secrets. The course is designed to inform the visitor about the natural habitat and its plant and animal components, and then on the oasis civilizations and the traditions of traveling through the physical foundations of daily life, the language of symbols and artistic expression, which is reflected in the decoration of textiles and jewelry taken for the salute or in the arts Tattoos that have vanished today.

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