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  • Hzami Ahmed
    HzamiMay 2019


  • Дзямулич Микола
    ДзямуличMay 2019

    The Great Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite its status, it does not look very impressive. Frankly, something bigger was expected, although the general condition of the object is quite good. Unfortunately, they are allowed in the middle only on weekdays and you can only see the yard with columns and a sundial. In addition, a general inspection of the mosque can be done from the roof of the carpet shop, which is located nearby

  • Souhailla El Makrini
    SouhaillaMay 2019

    Beautiful mosque that is accessible to everyone where a friendly guide spontaneously starts to tell.

  • Brahim Riahi
    BrahimMay 2019

    It's worth the detour

  • Mateus Radiman
    MateusMay 2019

    Tourism in Tunisia is now growing again after experiencing a social crisis in 2010. Call it the Grand Mosque in Kairouan which is also the oldest mosque in Africa. The mosque, named Sidi Uqba, was built in the seventh century when Islam was spread in Africa and Europe. Even in Kairouan is the capital with an Islamic state in the past.

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